Marcia Goncalves – Fit Beauty Exposed

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Marcia Goncalves possesses all the qualities we look for in a fit beauty… sensuality, muscularity, and beauty. Not to mention she has a bit of a naughty side as well! And what better way to expose a fit beauty’s inner “bad girl” than with a dominatrix themed shoot.

Marcia dominatrixFBB: So tell us a little about yourself. What’s something interesting that most people don’t know about you?

Marcia: Well, I always sleep nude, and I hate to sleep alone. I have to leave the light on when I sleep alone. [Hmm… We’re guessing she probably sleeps in the dark a lot ;]

FBB: Alright, can you finish the following sentences for us? 

I like to train… heavy.

I like sex… with passion.

I think a man is sexy when… he has attitude.

I think a woman is sexy when… she’s real.

FBB: What do you like most about bodybuilding & fitness?

Marcia: Everything! For me, bodybuilding has become a way of life.

Marcia sensual whipFBB: What do you think about the Sado suite we used for this shoot?

Marcia: I loved it! Being in a place like that makes me feel really sexy and powerful, like I can seduce any man I want. It was amazing!

FBB: Have you ever done any BDSM activities before?

Marcia: No, never. But I think I would enjoy it.

FBB: Have you ever had the desire to chain or tie-up a boyfriend and have your way with him? Or vice-versa?

Marcia: Yes, I’ve had the desire, and I’ve actually done it before.

FBB: Ok, you’ve done some bondage stuff before then. That means you’re not a total BDSM virgin. You just have to work on the rest of it. So in a dominatrix role, would you be more of a good girl or a bad girl?

Marcia bunda assMarcia: Ha, ha, ha… I think I would be a bit of both. But I think the “bad girl” side would dominate, lol.

FBB: Ok. If you could bring three things to the Sado suite for a night of perfect ecstasy, what three things would you bring?

Marcia: Definitely candles, champaign, and aphrodisiac oils.

FBB: I think we’ll leave the rest to our imagination ■


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Marcia Goncalves - Fit Beauty Exposed, 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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