Olympic Doping

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By: Anonymous

Justin GatlinWith the closing of the London 2012 Olympic games this past August, so concludes the bombardment of some of the most amazing athletes (and physiques) in all of sports. There’s no doubt that these are the most elite athletes in the world, and that they work extremely hard to get to that stage. However, quite a number of them use anabolic steroids and other banned substances as part of their training regimen, as our anonymous Olympic insider explains.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) conducts upwards of 5,000 drug tests during the course of the summer games, and yet they still cannot catch most of the offenders. It’s not that hard to fathom really. Even with the new tests they are using for substances like human growth hormone (HGH), they still hardly seem to be catching anyone. And you can imagine just how many athletes have been using HGH for years prior, knowing that the governing bodies could not detect it.

You can simply look at a lot of the athletes today and tell that they’re doping. Track and field is notorious for it…  both the men and women. The human body simply cannot achieve the type athletic results or the type of body composition that most of these athletes have without some type of hormonal assistance.

Just look at the sprinters for example. I’d say that at least 90% of all the top-level sprinters are doping. They have to in order to be at the top. It’s funny to me that people get shocked when they discover that their “heroes”, like Marion Jones and Justin Gatlin (to name a few), get busted for doping. I laugh because everyone is doing it. They’re just the ones that got caught! Anyone can beat a drug test, and people do it all the time in sports.

Nevin YanitPlus, the athletes at the very top often have chemist working with them (like in the famous BALCO incident) that get paid very well to develop new anabolic compounds and stay one step ahead of the IOC and WADA. Then let’s not forget the countries like Jamaica and China, where the IOC has no presense. That means their athletes don’t get tested at all until they appear for the competition. So it’s no surprise that Jamaica dominated the sprints this year.

You’ll never be able to end doping in sports. That’s a fact! So I really start to wonder if we shouldn’t just relax the doping controls, and/or simply stop enforcing them. It may sound crazy, but in an age when everyone uses some form of supplementation, there’s a case to be made for accepting it. Just like there’s a case to be made for legalizing certain illegal drugs, like marijuana.

You wouldn’t believe how much effort and money goes into drug testing, and you wouldn’t believe what some of these athletes have to submit to in the name of doping controls. We’re talking blood and urine samples now. I just think everyone could benefit from relaxing the controls a bit. Let the athletes worry about competing, and stop worrying about how to beat the next drug test.


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