Katia Valentim Exposed

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Toned, cool, and elegant… Katia Valentim is quietly climbing the ranks of the NABBA in Brazil. Despite posing and showing off her toned hardbody for the cameras, you may be surprised to learn that she’s actually rather reserved. But don’t let her coyness fool you, as this cover model still has a bit of a “wild” side.

Katia, as a trainer and competitor, you spend a lot of time in the gym. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a gym?

Katia: Ha,ha… no comment. ;)

FBB: Alright… I should’ve seen that one coming. We can use our imagination ;) . Anyways, I have to say I was a bit surprised when you rolled up to the shoot on the back of a motorcycle. You normally don’t see many women on motorcycles. Do you like the feel of having that much power between your legs?

Katia: I actually don’t even know how to ride, but I love the feeling of power and freedom you get just from being on one.

FBB: Would you say you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie?

Katia: No. I’m not one for extreme sports, but I do want to go skydiving.

FBB: Somehow I’m not surprised by that. I gotta ask you about your body. We always say that when a woman has a perfect body, she should show it off as much as possible. If you got it, flaunt it right?  Do you usually dress conservatively, or do you like to show off your body and be admired by people in the street?

Katia: As woman who’s confident and comfortable with her body, I’m not afraid to show it off. Personally, I like to show a little and then leave the rest to imagination. It’s good because it leaves people wanting more ;)

Of course… Gotta leave a little to the imagination. Just not too much please! Speaking of which, there’s no beach in Sao Paulo. So do you ever get the chance to put on a bikini and show off your body when you’re not on stage competing?

Katia: Here it’s really difficult. But whenever I get to the coast, I definitely try to hit the beach and pull out that bikini!

FBB: Maybe you could skydive in a bikini and land on the beach? At least it gets you in a bikini, right?

Katia: Ha,ha… true.

FBB: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Katia: I love dance and martial arts. I studied Tae Kwon Doe for 5 years. They’re great activities for the body & soul. I try to do activities that improve my training and performance in daily life, like running or biking outdoors.

FBB: I was hoping you might say building things. You were one really sexy construction worker. Do you think we could hire you to come back and help build our new studio?

Katia: Any time! It was a great shoot. I had a really great time and I’d love to do it again.

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