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So you see your favorite muscle babe all over social media and the web, but does that mean you actually have a shot at hooking up with her? Let’s face it, women in the bodybuilding and fitness industry love to get social. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, bodybuilding forums, etc. And of course, some of them are bound to be single and looking.

But realistically, if you’ve never met your muscle babe in person before, then you can very easily get placed into the dreaded “fan zone” which is filled with tons of admirers. So the trick to scoring a successful hook-up lies in being able to distinguish yourself from the pack. Come from a different angle than the drooling norm. We can’t give all the secrets away, but one of the best angles I ever saw came from a guy who asked one of the hottest fitness babes at the time to do an interview with her for his personal blog about a training philosophy they had in common. That started the convo, and next thing you know they were meeting in person.

Granted, these kinds of hookups are going to be the exception to the norm, but as they say… you take a shot in the dark and you never know, you just might get a hit.

Inside the Matrix - Internet Hook-ups, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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