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I slowly release my grip from around your back, allowing you to re-catch your breath. Reaching down I take your thick member in my hand. I’m stroking it… long hard strokes rubbing your cock roughly against my clit, making your cock wet with my juices. “Feel my legs baby… feel my 29′ thighs… feel them!” I take your hands in mine and place them on my rock hard thighs “Feel them my baby, and picture them scissoring your waist… picture my ankles locked together, my legs trapping your body so tightly. Sooooo tightly. See my thigh muscles contract. Feel their power as they flex and squeeze the breath from your stomach. Pulverizing your softness… Crushing you…”

Can you see me baby?

Can you hear my voice whispering to you?

Your eyes are half closed… Your neck thrown back… your back is arched. Your whole body is shuddering against mine as the impact of my words sink in. I, too… am trembling. Trembling with desire for you… Trembling with love for you… Trembling knowing the power I have over you. It excites me knowing how you love my body. That you love the incredible things I can do.

I gather you once again tightly into my arms entrapping you in my body. I begin to raise you slowly off the ground. Just a few inches at first. I hold you there feeling your body tense knowing how powerless you feel in my arms. Power surges through my body. Blood pumps into my muscles as I ever so carefully and effortlessly turn you sideways, hoisting you high above my head in my arms. I hold you there elevated high in the air. A testament of my strength and power. Throwing back my head I laugh… A laugh of pure delight and it echoes out into the night air. I begin spinning you around and around in an airplane hold. Every single muscle in my body is pumped and bulging, my veins proudly swollen under my skin. Sweat glistens on my body and my skin seems to be glowing.

Can you see me baby?

Can you feel my power?

Can you smell my sweat?

I then turn you upright and let your body descend from its great height until your testicles are level with my mouth. I bury my face into your tight balls. Breathing in your sensual aroma. I can smell your scent… your essence. Your testes are squishing against my prodding protruding tongue. I begin lapping and slurping at your balls. Noisily sucking them. Savoring them. Loving them. Loving you.

Your moans of pleasure excite me further and I now begin to work my magic mouth on your cock. Starting at its base, I lick your long shaft right up to the tip. Slooooow… Looooooong…  Rough…  Wet…  Hot…  Licks.

I then take your member completely in my mouth, flicking and darting my tongue around your cock head and finally with both of my hands supporting your hips I take the entire length of your cock deep inside my mouth, right to the back of my throat and I begin to move your hips back and forth pumping you in and out of my mouth. Fucking your penis with my mouth.

Can you see me baby?

Can you feel my heat?

Abruptly I stop. I stop before you blow your hot load into my mouth.

Carefully I set you back to rest on your feet on the ground before me. You rub my arms, massaging my limbs tenderly. Then you begin to tweak my aching nipples, caressing my breasts. Cupping them in your large hands, kneading my mountainous peaks lovingly. I’m fingering my pussy as you tend to my breasts with your expert hands. Teasing my clit with my nimble fingers, exploring my own silken folds. As the pressure of your touch increases on my breasts, and your mouth begins to suckle on my nipples, convulses of pleasure ripple through me, I begin to ram my fingers harder into my vagina. Matching the rhythm of your mouth. Finally you pause in your pleasuring of me and I place my finger, which is covered with my juices… proof of my arousal… to your lips. You suck on my finger, licking my nectar like a man possessed.  My breathing is coming in short quick gasps. Your hand is now between my legs, stroking my inner thighs. Now at last your fingers are inside me… fucking me. I squirm and rotate on them. My clit… my rose bud is engorged, my hips are thrusting. I know I am close to climax. “I want you baby…put it in me!” I demand you. And with a primitive groan you thrust your penis into me and begin to drive yourself deep into me…Driving, thrusting, ramming…with the age old carnal urge. But I stop you. I grab your buttocks and force you to stop.

With our organs still interlocked I begin to contract my vagina muscles around your cock, tightening my pussy so tightly, squeezing, milking your cock, then relaxing… squeezing, milking again… without the slightest movement of my hips… squeezing, milking, tightening, contracting…. and once again relaxing. I can feel my orgasm wash through me… right from my very being… at the same time as I feel your cum splurt deep, deep inside me.

Can you see me baby?

Can you feel me quivering?

We sink to the sand beside the fire its embers still glowing brightly and fall asleep wrapped in one anothers arms… safe together under the stars, in the light of the moon.

We will remain fast asleep until the sun rises again tomorrow to once more make its journey across our sky. Those centers, funded at $57 million writing university essays in fiscal 2005, are also designed to provide technical assistance on carrying out the federal no child left behind act

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