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I have no need for music for my dance. The beat of my pounding heart, the sound of your husky breathing, the melody of the waves crashing into the shoreline, the crackling of the fire, is music enough for me.

Beneath lowered eyelids I can see you standing there so close to me… captivated, mesmerized by me. I can see how aroused you are naked before me. I can see you stroking your manhood… your hard, erect penis. To me you are so beautiful. Words cannot describe the depth of my feeling for you. I love to see you stroking yourself. I love to see your arousal. I love to hear your arousal. Knowing it is I who arouses you in this way.

I allow my arms to slide down my body. I continue to pec dance for you and now my shoulders, so broad, so hard begin to roll in time to my music. Waves of muscle ripple down my abdominals… which are so hard, so solid, so firm… the muscles so defined. They also join in my tune. My hips now begin to sway rhythmically to the beat, and my hands are now rubbing up and down my tight round glutes… I feel so hot. My body feels like its on fire. My vagina feels so moist, so very wet.

I flex my thighs and delight in the look of awe that has come over your face as my shapely legs seem to grow in size as my thighs and calve muscles begin to grow, expanding… enlarging. I point my toes digging them into the sand feeling the rough texture of the grains between them. I dance before you as wanton as a gypsy. My body so hard and muscular, so strong so powerful… yet so feminine, so smooth, so voluptuous… so sexy.

Slowly my inner music begins to fade away… and my rhythmic muscle dancing grinds down to a nice slow pace. My pussy is still throbbing and holding your gaze once again I slip a single long slender finger inside my vagina, closing my eyes for a second as the pleasure of my touch courses through my body. I moan softly and shiver as I bring my finger to my lips, and run my tongue over it sucking on my own sweet tasting nectar…. It tastes so good… so sweet.

Can you see me baby?

Can you taste me?

Your eyes are half closed, mouth slightly open… your face is so loving, your arms are extended… welcoming me into your embrace. I take a step towards you and bury my face into your neck, molding my body into yours. Relishing the feel of your arms wrapped tightly around me. I can feel your erection throbbing its heat into my hip… I bend my knee lifting it up to your cock briefly rubbing your manhood, and then I begin gently massaging your balls with it. I can feel your warm breath on my neck, and I lean back, smiling adoringly at you and we kiss. A deep passionate kiss. Our tongues exploring each others lips and mouths. It feels so good. It feels so right.

Our bodies are moving together… my breasts pressing into your chest. Your hands are caressing my body. Caressing my glutes, so rounded so hard. I tighten them in response to your touch, and groan softly. My skin is tingling, little electric shocks are running down my spine. “I love you baby” I say gently to you… kissing your lips once again, tracing your mouth with my tongue preventing you from responding. I now begin to nibble your earlobe, biting it gently with my teeth, while at the same time I wrap my strong limbs tightly around your back, squeezing you ever so slightly, whispering gently to you in my soft sultry voice “Did you like my pec dance honey?” My tongue begins to lick your lobe, quick tiny wet licks, then s-l-o-w loooong licks “Did you like the way I made my muscles move, and rise and jump? Did I turn you on?” I whisper, smiling briefly as I begin nipping your ear with my teeth roughly, then just as quickly kissing your ear gently again, licking, sucking… while nudging your rigid cock with my leg… “Mmmmm…” I sigh breathily sticking my tongue right inside your ear now, feeling you quiver in my arms, as my grip tightens around you in my all encompassing bear hug. Squeezing you closer into my body. “Can you imagine your face buried in my cleavage feeling the softness of my breasts turn to hardness as my pec muscles contract and tighten around your skull.   Feel…  Feel the pressure as I crush your cheeks with my Tits!!!” A primal animalistic groan escapes from deep within your throat as I taunt you with my words. I’m blowing gently on your sensitive neck now while still squeezing you in my embrace. The pressure of my grip is continuing to increase around you.  “Did you see my biceps, my triceps? How big they are…? Do you remember what it felt like when I had you in that tight headlock last week my darling” my voice is low… my relentless tongue in your ear is driving you mad. Your body is trembling in my arms and I can feel your cock pulsating into my leg, my own cunt is hot and wet, I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs, I’m squirming slightly, squeezing my legs together, as the pressure of my arms increases around your back. “My arms are so powerful, so strong, they could crush your weak puny bones to smithereens… don’t you agree?” my voice is low and husky my desire evident as I speak, my tongue continues darting in and out of your ears, around your neck, your face, your throat.

My grip intensifies around your back crushing you into me with all my might “Ohhhh yeah baby, you love my strength… don’t you!” I whisper, my breathing is laboured as I continue sucking, and nipping your ear and neck. I close my eyes, my lips lightly touching your skin and I can smell your musky scent and taste your skins saltiness as my lips and tongue graze against you. I’m panting gently now… barely containing my excitement as I squeeze and crush you, pulverizing you into my body, your body yielding to my strength. Yielding to my powerful arms…

Can you see me baby?

Can you feel my strength?

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