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As part of our “FBB Real sex stories” segment this month, we wanted to feature a special kind of story for our readers. This story titled “Can you see me baby?” is from the sexy female bodybuilder Christa, and expresses all the things she fantasized about doing to her then boyfriend on their next encounter. So in the words of Christa herself, “Close your eyes my baby…relax….Listen. Get swept away in my voice. Picture me there with you, whispering in your ear. Lose yourself completely with me as I will lose myself completely with you. Close your eyes now my honey…and Ill take you there.”

Can you see me baby?

Written by: Christa To read more of Christa’s stories visit:  For more erotic stories visit:

It’s a warm Summers night.

Our sun… That beautiful rich red fireball has completed its journey across our sky and has now sunk below the horizon far away in the distance over the ocean. Leaving behind in its wake wisps of bright colour streaked here and there in the sky. We watched it set – you and I – hand in hand, fingers entwined as thousands of lovers before us had done. Safe in the knowledge that thousands of lovers after us would do.

Darkness begins to fall. Cloaking us in its coolness. Covering our bodies like a velvet blanket. I move closer into your body, your warmth. Your arm moves tighter around me. I feel safe, secure, protected in your embrace. We hold each other tight, so in love – you and I – At ease and completely comfortable with one another.

Can you see me baby?

Can you feel me?

Still we sit… there on the beach, before a blazing fire. Its golden flames licking, caressing the wood. Its fuel. Causing small sparks to fly high in the air, twinkling, glowing until their light finally dies. Wrapped in one anothers arms we sit close… So close. Quietly talking, touching, exploring, kissing each other gently. Small Loving breathy butterfly kisses. I giggle as you gently trickle sand on my arm and we watch it slide down my skin, the tiny hairs in my arms catching the small grains. Lovingly you wipe the remains of the sand off of me… cup my face in your hands and kiss me. A deep, lingering kiss. We watch as the moon rises, so round, so big, so beautiful… We marvel as it castes its glorious light over us lighting up our faces, causing our skin to glow. It shines down over the sea and it seems to reach out to us, almost beckoning to us, tempting us towards it.

I shiver in your arms. Partly because of the coolness of the night air, partly because of the effect you are having on me. My senses are alive. Your caresses are causing my flesh to tingle, my pussy is moist, my juices are flowing and I can see the beginnings of your excitement in your loins.

Silently you rise up off the beach, offering me your hand to pull me lovingly to my feet. No words are spoken. There is no need for words with us – you and I – I offer no resistance and allow myself to be led by you. Placing myself trustingly in your hands. There I stand before you. Wearing nothing but a bright yellow bikini. The colour emphasizes my golden skin.  At 5″9″ I stand just a few inches short of you. I can see your eyes drinking in the sight of me before you, as my nimble fingers remove my swimsuit and my eyes drink in the sight of you naked before me. My Love… My Life… My Man.

Your hazel eyes stare deeply into my blue ones. For a moment its as if time has stopped as we look deep within each other souls. I casually, seductively run my tongue around my full luscious pouting lips, lifting my hands through my shiny brunette hair allowing them to rest behind my head. My arms are strong. The arms of a strong powerful woman… a body builder. As my hands are clasped at the back of my head, my elbows are bent, my 18′ biceps are bulging. Beautiful round bulges. Bulges the size of melons. Bulges of female muscle. I hold your gaze… my gaze promises you everything. All the wonders and delights of my womanhood. My gaze promises you the earth. I continue to hold my sexy pose allowing my eyes to drop to my chest, biting my lip as I proudly admire my full breasts. They stand so high, so firm, so rounded… so beautiful. My nipples, already fully erect are aching, tingling…

I begin to make my pec muscles move. Just ever so slightly at first… Tiny little jumping motions which I control with amazing ease. Teasing you with their seductive movements. I gradually increase the tempo of my pec dance, causing my breasts to swell and heave before your eyes. My pec muscles are moving, jumping, rippling under my skin. I contract my muscles again squeezing my globes tight together. So tight a pencil could have been wedged in my cleavage and not fallen free. Pushing back my shoulders I suck in a breath of cool night air as I hold my breasts in place, each orb massaging the other with the vibrations of my muscles. Then with a long sigh, I release my hold over my pec muscles allowing my breasts to relax and continue their remarkable sensual dance knowing I am driving you crazy with my erotic display.

Can you see me baby?

Can you reach out and touch me?

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