Marissol Dias – Naked Confessions

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Marissol Dias     You may know her as a Brazilian TV model and dancer.  You may have seen her photos in the pages of magazines like Maxim. She looks great on the beach in those Brazilian thong bikinis. But today we’ve got her wearing nothing at all, but a little red, white, blue and gold paint as she works her way into the hearts of red blooded Americans.

FBB: People may recognize you from the modeling work you’ve done in Brazil, but you’re not known in America.  Tell us a little about yourself and how you’re known in Brazil.

Marissol: I’m a dancer for the TV show “Programa do GuGu”.  It airs on the Record TV network every Sunday. So on Sundays I work 10 hours straight for the show; from 10am to 8pm at night. But it’s only on Sundays, so the rest of the week I get to do other work like photo shoots, appearances, nightclub dancing, etc. I also work out a lot… even though I’ve been away from the gym lately.

FBB: We love that you’re a dancer. Can you dance for us? Do you know how to do that famous Brazilian dance? What’s it called, again? Samba?

Marissol: Yes, Samba. The samba that you hear in every little bar, party or gathering, during Carnival is called “pagode”. We also have electro style nightclubs here, where you can just chill, drink some tequila and have fun. I love to dance to electronic music, but Brazil is famous for samba”.

Marissol did a samba for us that was simply amazing. You’ll definitely want to see the video if you haven’t already.

FBB: Ok, let’s get right into it. A lot of guys are interested to know how they can meet and impress a girl like you. What do you look for in a guy?

Marissol: That’s an interesting question. All men are different, and every guy has something different to offer. But for me, the most important feature in a man is kindness.  It’s the first thing I notice, no matter how he looks. And I hope it’s something that last the whole relationship, not just something the guy does to “impress me”.

FBB: Point taken. It seems to be the in thing now with Brazilian girls to use anabolics to get their bodies in the kind of shape they want them. It’s like the new form of plastic surgery here. What do think about girls using steroids for cosmetic purposes like this?

Marissol: I’m a gym rat and I must confess that I’ve used steroids. I’m actually a big fan of them. I prefer not to take anything, but when I have no options, I end up using steroids when I need fast results. The results are perfect at first. Your body gets in really tight shape… but after that the side effects just aren’t worth it. I must admit that when I was on steroids my body was perfect! I had no cellulite, and everything was very tight and in the right place. But it’s not something I recommend. If you can stay away from anabolics, then do so.

FBB: Can you tell us what you used?

Marissol: I used one of the worst steroids you could use. I took like 6 Decas and it was horrible! I had a lot of water retention. My body looked like a pillow. I tried Winstrol and that was much better. I still had water retention, but after it dried me out my body looked really good.

FBB: I feel bad saying it but now I want to do another shoot when you’re all ripped on anabolics. Lol.

Marissol: (laughing)

FBB: You had to be completely nude for this shoot… well sort of. How do you feel about nudity?  Are you comfortable being nude and showing off your body?

Marissol: I’m always a little apprehensive about doing a nude shoot, body paint or not, because you’re exposing yourself. But in the end you embrace it because you love the end results. This is the second shoot I’ve done involving nudity, and I don’t have any problems with it. With body paint it’s almost like you’re wearing clothes, so you don’t really feel totally naked and exposed.

FBB: Marissol, it was great getting to know you. And be sure to give us a call when you’re ripped again.

Marissol: Anytime.

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