Trainers – Political or Correct?

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     This month we were fortunate enough to get a trainers perspective/methodology on anabolic use in the sport. As someone who has trained both regional and national wining bodybuilders, our undercover trainer has a rather politically correct viewpoint on the use of drugs in the sport. He, like many others, suggest that drug use among athletes be undertaken in the “correct manner.” But what is the correct manner?

Generally the idea is that you should have a good diet and training regimen in place, that by itself will allow you to make quality muscular gains. In addition to that, depending on your level, the importance of having a trainer can be an invaluable resource. Then through time and consistency, as you continue to make gains, the most important factor that comes into play is what everyone refers to as genetic limitation. Many trainers and gurus will tell you that only once you reach your genetic limitation should you then transition to anabolics to allow you to surpass that genetic limitation and keep growing. Their philosophy is that as long as you can still make gains naturally, there’s no need to use anabolics.

Well, of course we know this is the safe and politically correct thing for a trainer to say. And in a perfect world, this would be the way everyone went about their bodybuilding paths. But we live in the real world, and the reality is that most people do not follow this philosophy. People want results, and they want them as quickly as possible. Whether or not someone uses anabolics is a personal choice. The people in the know will tell you that you either use them, or you don’t. It’s that simple. Whether an athlete waits until they’ve reached their genetic limit before using them, makes little difference in the overall picture.

The reality is, if you’re aiming to compete as a pro in the top federations (like the IFBB), then you’re going to have to use them at some point. Over the next few AU articles, we will get into some basics of anabolic use for athletes in training.

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