The Truth – What the Pros Won’t Tell You

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When it comes to bodybuilding, there’s nearly always a huge elephant in the room that is rarely discussed. That elephant is better known as anabolic steroids. What do steroids have to do with bodybuilding you might ask? Well… everything! It’s what all the pros know, but most will never say. An IFBB professional bodybuilder once stated that “Steroids ARE bodybuilding”.

Walk into any gym anywhere in the world and talk to any bodybuilder about the things they take to build muscle, and they will likely run off a list of various vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and mention just about everything “except” their use of hormones and steroids. Most would have you believe (if you’re actually dumb enough to believe it) that they built their incredibly muscular physiques from using the products of whatever company is sponsoring them.

The reality is, that this is total bullshit. Michael Jordan didn’t get to be the greatest basketball player of all time by drinking Gatorade. And Gatorade certainly didn’t turn Usain Bolt into the fastest man in the world. Yet, we are supposed to believe that the latest creatine product can turn people into Mr. Olympia??

It’s all a big lie. And the supplement companies make billions of dollars each year by selling this lie and preying on the dreams of unsuspecting consumers. They want you to believe that you too can become Mr. Olympia, or look like the girl or the guy in the magazine if you simply take enough of their overpriced products.

We here at FBB Magazine have had numerous female bodybuilders stand before us, with their muscles bulging, and displaying all the classic side-effects of hormone/steroid use, lie to our face while telling us that they’ve never used steroids a day in their life. It’s laughable!! Unfortunately, the pros are often forced to promote these lies. Speak the truth and they face the stigma of being known as drug addicts or steroid abusers, or even worse be dropped from the company that sponsors them and pays their bills. Don’t believe it, just ask Christian Boeving how quickly Muscletech dropped him once they learned he spoke out about his steroid use.

This is why the pros won’t talk about steroids. The magazines won’t talk about it either. But not us. Our goal is to provide our readers with the TRUTH about anabolics in bodybuilding, while providing bodybuilders with a platform where they can speak anonymously and be open and honest about the use of steroids in the sport. So each month our Anabolic Undercover article will feature a different bodybuilder, trainer, or expert giving their insight and perspective on drug use in the bodybuilding world under the cover of anonymity. No bullshit, just the cold, hard truth about anabolic use from the people that actually use them.

The Truth - What the Pros Won't Tell You, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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